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Online consulting is made up of several micro processes in order to collect the necessary information based on the modality you choose (only diet, only training or both), so it will always be personalized and adapted to your needs so that you can generate more adhesion .

Adherence is essential to achieve the objectives, since no matter how many tools and guidelines we can provide you, if there is no commitment on your part, the advice will not be as you expect, much less the final result.

The photographs that can be seen on the instagram profile, website, etc., although much of it is due to the experience and methodology used, you must understand that these results are due to joint work.

Even if we give you the best diet and protocol for your body, if you do not follow the plan, failing little by little at some point in the program, the results will be far from the planning that we can carry out in you.

During the consultation, we are constantly providing reading material as support, in addition to videos that will be integrated into the consultation through the platform through which the StarrCoach® service is delivered.

We are always updating our knowledge, to provide a better service. For this reason, if we make any update in any guide or module, it will be attached again to renew it and the application will notify you.

Choose the advice that best suits you and let's go for your goals!

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