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Frequent questions


📍 I work with shifts, do you think I can have changes? Yes. It is just a matter of applying a timing for your meals, enhancing your rest schedules with food and/or specific supplementation.

📍 Are the meals very elaborate? No. They basically consist of everyday food. Example: Rice, potato, noodles, fruits, vegetables, etc. The foods that are not to your liking, you must indicate them in the initial questionnaire, to avoid their use in your program. In addition, if a quick snack (snack) is required to facilitate your intake, you can also indicate it in the initial questionnaire. Examples of snacks: Sandwich, milk, yogurt, fruit, cereal bars, among others.

📍 Are meals prepared clean? For the preparations you can use salt and seasonings such as oregano, cumin, colored chili, onion powder, garlic powder, complete seasoning, turmeric, etc. But for example, if you use dressings, depending on their nature, they could affect your program. Example: Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces, etc.

📍 Can I cook with oil? Oil is a macronutrient. Ideally, this product is consumed raw and is indicated in your program. For some preparations, you can use a little, such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, as they withstand heat much better than other oils, moderating the flame of the kitchen. But keep in mind that even if you use the purest or cleanest oil, heating it to the smoking point will no longer make it healthy. Oxidation is the most important reaction of lipids (fats), it affects the properties and storage of food, generating compounds (primary and secondary oxidation products) that can become toxic if constantly ingested (AGEs). NOTE: You must be careful with the use of spray oils, since you might think that they are better because they have a lower calorie content, but no, in fact, as we pointed out before, even if it were extra virgin olive oil, once heated to “ x” temperature will turn into fat with less healthy characteristics for your body. The problem is not the oil, but how it is consumed. That is why we will go by part and follow the recommendations of your diets. Some people actually don't like using oils, so it's a very personal thing.

📍 I do physical activity only 3 times a week, do you think we could see results? Yes. Physical activity is a tool that generates energy expenditure, if your goal is to lose fat, at least that is enough. We can add some extra expense such as daily walks, check your daily step count, etc. Now, if your goal is muscle gain, it could also be done. But the more limited your activity, the higher your body fat percentage could be. This can be controlled, but your process would cost a little more, therefore, it would be slower compared to those who perform physical activity 5 or 6 times a week.

📍 Routines, are they very complicated? No. But you should not worry, since the routine will be displayed on your cell phone in the counseling application. Technique should be privileged over weight, we do not recommend using very heavy loads, since they end up "pulling" the weight and this would increase the risk of suffering some kind of injury. The weights must be “displaced”. Understand by displaced, "the complete control of the phases, both eccentric and concentric". In the event that the student wants the execution of an exercise to be verified, he must send us a video to be able to analyze and offer the best advice so that he corrects his training and technique In addition, if necessary, home routines are made with or without implements for specific cases where the person wishes to train at home.